Vadsø at the Barents Sea

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Sun, 06/26/2022 - 15:01

Vadsø is located on the edge of the Arctic Ocean on the Barents Sea (Norwegian: Barentshavet), which was named after the Dutch navigator Willem Barents. Vadsø is a gateway to Varangerhalvøya National Park, whose wild expanses are unparalleled. We took accommodation right on the sea access in Annijoki at the Varangerfjord close to Vadsø and were the only guests in the house at this time of year (May). The Barents adventure began as soon as we checked into the locked house, because there was no staff and the situation was only clarified when we called the owner. So we finally climbed into the hotel through the laundry room, to finally get a key that was in the lock of our booked room. It was fun :-) We were also able to charge our electric car at the outside socket here.

The place offered us wonderful photo opportunities and, since we had a full moon, there were also beautiful reflections in the river estuary to the Barents Sea.

Continent or ocean


Picture 1: The full moon in Annijoki over the Varangerfjord to the Barents Sea


Picture 2: Lighthouse in Vadsø


Picture 3: Vadsø


Picture 4: Fishing in Vadsø on the Barents Sea


Picture 5: Sun, sea and hut


Picture 6: Our accommodation in Vadsø on the Barents Sea


Picture 7: The church in Vadsø on the Barents Sea


Picture 8: Reflections in the entrance to the Barents Sea in Vadsø