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Photo archive Tenckhoff: With this website we are opening our archive to the general public. In over 40 years, more than 300,000 photos and images from over 100 countries and regions have been created, which we are now using successively in BLOG posts to show the historical and the forgotten as well as the beautiful and rare from all over the world.
Combined with excerpts from our travel diaries, we not only want to inspire photo projects but also to motivate people to travel beyond the usual destinations and routes in order to get to know the wonderful diversity of this world.
Our category of recording technology will help you to get to know classic methods of photography and the contributions to display technology should inspire the development of your own "style". Many of our photos, images and videos can be purchased from the stock photo agencies Adobe, IStock, Shutterstock, Getty's Images. We have recently opened a collection for non-fungible tokens on the NFT marketplace Rarible:
All links to our agencies can also be found at the bottom of this page. Or simply ask Photo archive Tenckhoff using the contact form. Anyone interested in entering into a dialogue with us and commenting on contributions can register as a community user. We offer a newsletter for registered users and will soon set up a category "license-free photos".


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All publications are protected by copyright. We have commissioned the collecting societies VG Wort and VG Bild-Kunst to exercise and enforce our copyrights in trust. We have only provided the photos with a small logo and publish without dominant watermarks in favor of an unimpaired image statement. Photos are published here (with a few exceptions) in a reduced JPEG quality of 50 and a maximum resolution of 4000 px, so that the small file sizes achieved in this way have a positive effect on the loading times of the website. Our media can be purchased from various stock agencies (see footer). Most of the photos and pictures shown here are not for sale - but feel free to ask.