Dinner at the japanese Shinkansen

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 10:25

The express trains in Japan (Shinkansen) are fast, but you still spend some time on the train on the long routes. The rows of seats are laid out like in an airplane - but you have significantly more legroom. Someone regularly comes through the wagons and offers food and drinks. It is popular to stock up on provisions at the train station. There are corresponding stores that offer, for example, a large selection of bentoboxes (see Fig. 1). A bentobox is a box with several compartments, in which different dishes can be found. They are available on the go, but Japanese restaurants also offer dishes in bentoboxes.

So that the buyer knows what is in which box, there are plastic view boxes with a price and a number. (see picture 1). Now you just have to get the appropriate box from the refrigerated counter and pay. My selection can be seen in pictures 2 and 3 ...

... and sometimes there was a little candy like the little rabbit filled with azuki beans in picture 4.


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Picture 1: Selection of bentoboxes


Picture 2: Bentobox from the outside


Picture 3: Bentobox from the inside


Picture 4: Azuki bunny