North Cape Horn and Kirkeporten

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Wed, 07/13/2022 - 15:13

The rock formation of Kirkeporten is a highlight that is easy to hike from Skarsvåg. Once you have reached this stretch of coast, Kirkeporten offers a very special view: through it you can see over the Mefjord to the North Cape plateau, about six kilometers away, with its famous North Cape Horn.

This stands out on the eastern flank of the North Cape plateau and, due to its exposed position, as well as the Kirkeporten as a sacrificial site, has acquired religious significance among the Sami. The Vestfjord stretches east of the Horn, to the south is the small bay of Hornvika. The top of the horn is 146 meters above sea level.

(For the trail runners: there is a Strava segment on the climb from Skarsvåg to Kirkeporten - good luck)

Continent or ocean


Picture 1: Kirkeporten near Skarsvåg


Picture 2: The North Cape Horn


Picture 3: Rock formation at North Cape


Picture 4: Kirkeporten near Skarsvåg


Picture 5: The frozen lake at von Skarsvåg