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Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Wed, 07/21/2021 - 17:56

The Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat is nestled like a bird's nest under the peaks of the 1236 meter high Montserrat mountain. Barcelona is about 45 km away, but the distant view of the Catalan hinterland allows views almost as far as this beautiful city, if it were not obscured by the Conserolla mountains.

You can reach the monastery by cable car (technology from Leipzig) and get a remarkable impression of the exclusive location of the monastery as you drive up.



Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Wed, 07/14/2021 - 11:04

Budapest on the Danube is the capital of Hungary. The city was created in 1873 by merging Buda and Obuda on the western side of the Danube with Pest on the eastern side of the river. From a geotectonic point of view, Budapest lies on a fracture point. This explains the city's many thermal springs.


Neum on the Adriatic

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Sat, 07/10/2021 - 16:32

Neum is the only place in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has access to the sea and geographically divides Croatia. If you drive along the Adriatic coast, e.g. to get to Dubrovnik, you cross a short piece of the territory of Bonsnia-Herzegovina

Neum is an important source of income for the country. The first tourist accommodation was built here as early as the 1950s. Today there are six hotels and many private guest houses in Neum.


Port of Tyne

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Mon, 06/28/2021 - 09:16

Newcastle is the northernmost major city in England and lies on the north bank of the Tyne. In addition to the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall, we wanted to photograph the impressive bridges at night. Hadrian's Wall was part of the British Limes, which runs between Newcastle and Solway Firth and marks the border between England and Scotland.



Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Mon, 06/21/2021 - 15:50
It is well known that the long journey from Germany to New Zealand is more than worthwhile. But nevertheless, the many spectacular landscapes and surprising encounters with the different cultures surpass even high expectations. The highlight of a trip on the North Island to Wai-O-Tapu-Wonderland is e.g. the exploration of the so-called champagne pool ...

The Anapji Ponds

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Fri, 06/18/2021 - 19:35

In Gyeongju, we lived in a traditional Korean house, a Hanok. Hanoks are constructed according to the doctrine of the Five Elements "Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water" which is widely used in Asia. Wood, paper, clay (mixed with water), stone and metal are used to get as close as possible to the 5 elements.


Pink moon over Hüchel

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Tue, 04/27/2021 - 14:10

At a distance of 358,645 km, the moon already has supermoon level on April 26th, 2021, before it moves a further 1,300 km to the earth on April 27th, 2021 and gains another 0.5% in size. Its impressive size is of course especially impressive compared to known objects and there are many beautiful pictures to be seen on the Internet, in which the photographers have put a lot of effort into a successful composition.


Holocaust in Lithuania

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Tue, 03/23/2021 - 19:51

The sources for the following outline of National Socialism in Lithuania can be found in the included links, well documented without a doubt. Many scientists worldwide have carefully revised this dark chapter in human history - whether for Germany, France, Lithuania, etc. Based on these facts, the number of those who embrace the repulsive ideas of the National Socialists of the 20th century should be reduced, even in the current information age.


The huge Naruto whirlpools

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Sun, 03/21/2021 - 18:20

Due to the narrowness between the Japanese islands of Shikoku and Awaji, the tidal range pushes the water at up to 20 km/h - the third fastest tidal current in the world. This is how the huge Naruto whirlpools with diameters of up to 20 meters are created under the 1.6 km long Naruto Bridge that connects the islands.