The Malecón of Havana

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The most famous Malecón is located in the Cuban capital Havana, a promenade made of stone, on which strolling in the glow of the setting sun creates a very special atmosphere.

Construction of the promenade began in 1901 on Paseo del Prado, which separates Old Havana from the Centro Habana district. By 1952, the promenade was extended to the mouth of the Almendares River. Many representative buildings have been erected along the Malecón, which draw attention to themselves in a wide variety of colors. Luxury hotels, numerous monuments and the US embassy are part of it. The "Hotel Nacional", which is part of the world cultural heritage, is also located on the Malécon.

The closer the evening sun moves towards the horizon, the busier it becomes on the Malecón. Couples sit on the wall in love, anglers cast their bait and the owners of the magnificent old-timers show the results of their restoration skills on the embankment.

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Picture 1: Malecón of Havana


Picture 2: Malecón of Havana


Picture 3: Malecón of Havana


Picture 4: Malecón of Havana


Picture 5: Malecón of Havana


Picture 6: Karin on the Malecón of Havana