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The maritime atmosphere and the Skagerrak were taken as a model for the undulating roof of Kristiansand's Kilden Theater, which also serves as a concert hall. The building integrates perfectly into its surroundings and at the same time becomes a statement of modern architecture.

Strolling through the city you will discover many interesting buildings, even the McDonald's fast food restaurant is housed in an extraordinary, almost monumental palace. Four pillars with an antique look at the entrance separate you from the profane burger - if you like it.

In addition to Victorian buildings, colorful rows of houses and the spacious squares and paths in the city center, the many art galleries are also impressive and there are extraordinary things to look at. So you involuntarily stop at the gorilla in the space suit and think of the well-known adventures in the world of the apes.

Continent or ocean


Picture 1: The Kilden Theater and Concert Hall in Kristiansand


Picture 2: Gallery in Kristiansand: Gorilla in a space suit


Picture 3: Buildings in Kristiansand


Picture 4: Harbor district in Kristiansand


Picture 5: McDonald's in Kristiansand