Digital Photography

From photo to NFT

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Sat, 05/08/2021 - 20:32

NFTs - the hype

Suddenly people buy art anonymously in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on "marketplaces" on the Internet, which - compared to classic galleries - can hardly be described as an art business.


Pink moon over Hanfbachtal

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Tue, 04/27/2021 - 14:10

At a distance of 358,645 km, the moon already has supermoon level on April 26th, 2021, before it moves a further 1,300 km to the earth on April 27th, 2021 and gains another 0.5% in size. Its impressive size is of course especially impressive compared to known objects and there are many beautiful pictures to be seen on the Internet, in which the photographers have put a lot of effort into a successful composition.


Swan Lake

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Wed, 04/14/2021 - 20:03

The ponds around Herrnstein Castle near Ruppichteroth in the Rhein-Sieg district always offer opportunities for beautiful animal photos. Today the waters were mainly populated with many mute swans, but rust and Canada geese as well as pond and coot also attracted attention. We had a tripod with us for the Nikkor 200 - 500 mm f / 5.6, but this beautiful lens can also be used by hand thanks to the VR II image stabilization.


Frogs and toads

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Fri, 03/26/2021 - 20:05

Amphibians (Lissamphibia) such as frogs and toads belong to the order of the frogs (Anura) and are not easy to distinguish from one another. Frogs tend to be slim and agile while toads are rather sedate, stocky and slow. Especially in Panama we were able to photograph interesting frogs, which are sometimes very poisonous, so that you have to be careful when taking photos in the jungle for several reasons.


Ceaușescu's Villa

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Thu, 03/25/2021 - 16:26
Nicolae Ceaușescu and the cult of personality in the Communist Party - his villa in Bucharest, in which marble and gold were processed to the same extent as the population became impoverished and starved, points to a fact that can still be seen today among various heads of state. The Ceauşescu's villa surprisingly survived the uprisings in Bucharest unscathed. It can be viewed (prerequisite: passport and confirmed date). A visit is not only highly recommended for those interested in history.

High tide at the blue hour

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 13:07

The view over the Rhine to the west bank, including the crane houses, is impressive. At the blue hour, however, as soon as the windows of the offices are lit and reflected in the Rhine, this scene is again enhanced. Corresponding picture compositions can only be optimally realized if the blue hour takes place before the office closes, as otherwise the office rooms are not illuminated.


The huge Naruto whirlpools

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Sun, 03/21/2021 - 18:20

Due to the narrowness between the Japanese islands of Shikoku and Awaji, the tidal range pushes the water at up to 20 km/h - the third fastest tidal current in the world. This is how the huge Naruto whirlpools with diameters of up to 20 meters are created under the 1.6 km long Naruto Bridge that connects the islands.


Black-browed albatrosses

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Sat, 03/20/2021 - 17:41

The black-browed albatross or Mollymauk (Thalassarche melanophris) from the albatross family (Diomedeidae) spends almost its entire life in the air over the Southern Ocean. We were able to photograph these wonderful birds in Saunders, one of the Falkland Islands, where a large colony of this species is situated.

Common redshank in Lofoten

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Sun, 03/14/2021 - 15:44

The redshank is one of the snipe birds (Scolopacidae) in the order plover-like (Charadriiformes) and lives in almost all of Eurasia on coasts and waters. At around 30 cm tall, it is slightly smaller than its relative, the greenshank, when fully grown. In Germany you can easily see it on the Wadden Sea. Here it also likes to show itself in larger collections. We were able to photograph him directly from the house in Lofoten, where we could conveniently set up our 500 mm f / 4.0 Nikkor on the veranda.