The Northern Cape in Norway

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Tue, 09/06/2022 - 13:28

To photograph around the Northern Cape, the season of mid-May 2022 was ideal. Although weather reports had just recently been reported of meter-high snowfall, but on our approach the last kilometers were cleared and we could easily reach the top of the North Cape without snow chains. There were still no car traffic jam of mobile homes, which occasionally flooded the driveway and parking lots during the season, and we could almost photograph and enjoy the monuments and magnificent views. Also, the game of snow and ice on the North Cape Plateau creates an outstanding backdrop, which creates a very special atmosphere in the cloud-covered sky with its occasionally threatening dark clouds, which in the summer months probably does not seem to be observed.

At the "must-see" in front of the monument of Norkaps, we are greeted by two happy Belgians, who travel through Europe with a caravan and a Ducati on the trailer.

Particularly impressive was the "Barn Av Jorden - Children ot the Earth" monument, which was created in June 1988 after templates by seven children from different parts of the world by the artist Eva Rybakken.

The monument consists of seven large circular reliefs arranged in a semicircle. Opposite them is the sculpture group Mother and Child, which shows a female figure and a little boy pointing at the reliefs with his left arm.

It stands for cooperation, friendship, hope and joy beyond all bounds. The children spent a week here in the Northern Cape and came from Tanzania, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Italy, USA and the former Soviet Union, today Russia. The little Anton from the Soviet Union then drew a dove of peace as a template - perhaps he can promise something to Mr Putin today? And the little Louise from the USA created the image of a happy little girl in the wide world - with the current almost weekly assassination attempts on the gunmen in the USA, she certainly did not count at the time.

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Picture 1: The last kilometers to the North Cape over snow and ice


Bild 2: At the North Cape Monument


Picture 3: Views from the North Cape


Picture 4: 1988 - Monument Barn Av Jorden "Children of the Earth"


Picture 5: Return from the North Cape to the base camp in Skarsvåg


Picture 6: Return to base camp in Skarsvåg