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Öland is the second largest Swedish island and is located in the Baltic Sea. With a length of 137 km and a maximum width of 16 km, it has an area of ​​about 1347 km². The island has been six kilometers long since 1972 with the mainland town of Kalmar
 Connected to Öland Bridge, which is also the longest bridge in Sweden.


Dolmen in Jejudo

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The burial of people in dolmens is not unique to Europeans. Similar constructions can be found around the world, built or used from the Early Stone Age to the Bronze Age. The building types presented in this article come from the island of Jejudo, which lies between Korea and Japan and belongs to South Korea.

The dolmens shown can be viewed at Jeju Stone Park. A visit to this museum guarantees a well-documented journey into the past.


Callanish - Megalithic culture in the Hebrides

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Callanish, the largest megalithic rock formation in the British Isles, is in the Outer Hebrides on Lewis, Harris' sister island. Callanish, also called Calanais, is located near Breasclete, where 12 of probably 20 stone settings have already been excavated. These constructions are mainly stone rows (alignments) and stone circles, which were built during the Neolithic period - around 3000 BC. - were erected. In the case of the stone circles, they are even mentioned on a display board in the year 5000 BC. localized.


Reunion in the Indian Ocean

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Reunion is located in the Indian Ocean and belongs to the Overseas Department of France. Until 1794 and after 1848 the island was called Île Bourbon - in between it was called Île Bonaparte under Naples. The black and white photo shows impressions of the Creole population on the beach of St. Gilles les Bains. Creoles denote colonial groups formed by colonialism.


Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

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The main island of the island state of Mauritius of the same name is considered one of the dream islands in the Indian Ocean. Together with Reunion, the neighboring French island, it belongs to the Mascarene Islands. The island is of volcanic origin and is located on the "African Plate". Lush flora and species-rich fauna invite you to extensive exploration tours and the turquoise-blue lagoons on the coast offer many opportunities for water sports.