Leviathan in Ultima Thule

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If you reach the end of the European route E 75 in Vardø on the polar sea coast, you have arrived at the easternmost point of Norway. The city is located on the small island of Vardøya in the Barents Sea and is connected to the mainland by a tunnel. If you start your tripp in Vadsø, the E75 first leads you through small fishing villages such as Kallijoki and Kiberg, which attract attention from afar with their beautiful colorful houses.

Airship mast on Vadsøya

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The town of Vadsø is connected to the interesting island of Vadsøya by a bridge. At the right time of the year, this island is a popular destination for birdwatchers and as soon as you arrive you can see the Birders Basecamp. The island is an important wetland for wading birds and there are ancient and modern cultural monuments to explore.


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Öland is the second largest Swedish island and is located in the Baltic Sea. Two lighthouses mark the ends of Öland - Långe Erik on the north and Långe Jan on the southern tip of the island.

Reunion in the Indian Ocean

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Reunion is located in the Indian Ocean and belongs to the Overseas Department of France. Until 1794 and after 1848 the island was called Île Bourbon - in between it was called Île Bonaparte under Naples. The black and white photo shows impressions of the Creole population on the beach of St. Gilles les Bains. Creoles denote colonial groups formed by colonialism.


Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

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The main island of the island state of Mauritius of the same name is considered one of the dream islands in the Indian Ocean. Together with Reunion, the neighboring French island, it belongs to the Mascarene Islands. The island is of volcanic origin and is located on the "African Plate". Lush flora and species-rich fauna invite you to extensive exploration tours and the turquoise-blue lagoons on the coast offer many opportunities for water sports.