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Callanish, the largest megalithic rock formation in the British Isles, is in the Outer Hebrides on Lewis, Harris' sister island. Callanish, also called Calanais, is located near Breasclete, where 12 of probably 20 stone settings have already been excavated. These constructions are mainly stone rows (alignments) and stone circles, which were built during the Neolithic period - around 3000 BC. - were erected. In the case of the stone circles, they are even mentioned on a display board in the year 5000 BC. localized.

The main workings of Callanish 1 are roughly cruciform in shape with a north-south orientation. The Cross Point consists of a stone circle with a central monolith and a small cairn or cairn. The plants Callanish 2 to 12 show individual peculiarities. Although these sites are less well-known than Stonehenge, for example, they are very impressive and a perfect opportunity on a trip to the Outer Hebrides to get to know the variety of building constructions of the megalithic culture.

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Picture 1: Callanish - Megalithic culture in the Outer Hebrides