Ceavccageađge - 8.000 B.C.

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One of the highest concentrations of archaeological sites in the Nordic countries is at Ceavccageađge (Mortensnes in Norwegian) in Varanger. Ten thousand years as a meeting place for hunters, fishermen and traders have left traces of settlements in the landscape, some monumental but many often small and easily overlooked. A cairn is not always just a cairn.

The Cultural Heritage Site Ceavccageađge or Mortensnes is located directly on the E75, which runs along the Varangerfjord via Vadsø to Vardø. The associated museum is a modern building from which several kilometers of marked footpaths start, which lead in an interesting way not only spatially to the various find sites but also chronologically through the millennia.

You get to know the various dwellings from tents to grass houses and on the way back to the museum you also visit the extensive burial sites, which were also used for hunting rituals.

A visit to the museum is very worthwhile and you should bring some time with you - 10,000 years cannot be mastered in 10 minutes.

If you follow the E75 further, you can visit other cult and settlement sites of the Sami. The peoples in the north of the Scandinavian countries and Russia used to be called Lapps, but since the 1970s the self-designation of the Nordic peoples Sami or Sámi has been used.

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Bild 1: Auf dem Weg in die Frühsteinzeit - Informationen zu der Cultural Heritage Site Ceavccageađge


Picture 2: A walk through the millennia


Picture 3: A menhir erected 2000 years ago within 13 stone circles. He had been rubbed with fish oil for good luck fishing.


Picture 4: The reconstruction of a Sami coastal home inhabited by humans and domestic animals.


Picture 5: The coastal paths at the Varangerfjord in Ceavccageađge (Mortensnes)


Picture 6: The Burial Places of the Sami in Varanger


Picture 7: At Varangerfjord