Street artists VHILS in Portugal, Norway and Germany

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Thu, 06/09/2022 - 17:36

The Portuguese Alexandro Farto creates impressive street art under the pseudonym VHILS. His website shows the diversity of this artist. In Aveiro (Portuguese) we went to see his towering work of art from 2012. But in Vardø (Norway), we were surprised as it suddenly came into our field of view while walking and we could immediately identify it as street art by VHILS. Surprisingly, a picture of Vhils appeared also during our visit of the Völklingen Ironworks in Völklingen in Saarland (Germany).

The technique he uses is as unusual as it is effective, creating huge works of art by blasting, chiseling and milling portraits into house walls.

We were very impressed by the intensity with which the chisel images looked at us.

Type | Technique | Theme
Continent or ocean


Picture 1: VHILS - Aveiro / Portugal /2012


Picture 2: VHILS -Vardø / Norway /2012


Picture 3: Vhils in the Völklinger Ironworks, Saarbrücken