Marble quarries in Carrara

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Thu, 10/21/2021 - 10:57

Carrara is located in the Apuan Alps, a place known worldwide for its marble. Even the approach to the quarries is remarkable, white statues line the path up the mountain road as well as dilapidated trucks on the roadside, where you can still see the heavy and lost marble blocks on the loading area. When you arrive at the mines, you can book various sightseeing tours. We decided on the marble tours and a minibus took us to the mining areas through a long tunnel into the mountain.

In addition to the huge mining machines and cranes, the little things also impressed. A natural marble structure on the wall, in which, with a little imagination, Mary could be recognized with Jesus in her arms, but also small statues such as dolphins and whales, which had been made from scraps and gave the tremendous roar of the dismantling a pleasant impression.

In front of the mine there are settlements of local marble artists and some statues like the "Pregnant Woman" particularly impressed us.

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Picture 1: The Carrara Quarries


Picture 2: With the marble tours on a mine tour


Picture 3: Marble statue of a pregnant woman


Picture 4: Marble processing on site


Picture 5: Marble processing on site


Picture 6: The different types of marble in Carrara


Picture 7: Photoproject Carrara



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