Saturn's rings over Hennef

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Wed, 08/05/2020 - 12:04

If you look towards the south after sunset and before the moon rises, you can see two special planets of our solar system side by side - Saturn on the left and bright Jupiter on the right. For our eyes only two bright points of light, but high-resolution sensors of modern digital cameras are able to discover more here. Without special astro equipment, the Saturn rings should be made visible last night - only with photographic means. The Nikon D850 with its 45 MP and the Nikkor 200 mm-500 mm in combination with a 2x Nikon converter to get a focal length of 1000mm should show whether this equipment could work - or do you need one Mirror telescopes?

Saturn with its rings is currently standing. about 8 ° to the left of the bright Jupiter and can already be seen in a southerly direction after the sunset (constellation Sagittarius). The pictures were taken with 500mm and 1000mm focal length (tele converter 2-fold). The high aperture numbers of f / 5.6 and f / 11 were the largest apertures that could be achieved with this camera / tele lens combination. The recordings were made in RAW format (Nikon-NEF), converted to DNG format and developed with Adobe Lightroom. The photos shown here are in JPEG format (50% quality).


Continent or ocean


Picture 1: Saturn with telephoto lens, focal lengths 500mm and 1000mm