Vilnius, the baroque capital of Lithuania

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Tue, 07/06/2021 - 14:59

Vilnius is also often referred to as the baroque capital of Lithuania and a walk through the old town confirms this. Many baroque buildings are reminiscent of times gone by and on the baroque steeple of the St.Johanniskirche, which completes the architectural ensemble of the university and St. Johanniskirche, you go up to a viewing platform. From here you have beautiful views of Vilnius and its surroundings. There is another attraction in the tower: a Foucault pendulum proves (for all those who have some time with them) that the earth rotates.

Foucaultsches Pendel in der St. Johanniskirche in Vilnius


Continent or ocean


Picture 1: View of Vilnius from the steeple of St. John's Church


Picture 2: Buildings in Vilnius


Picture 3: Church of St. Catherine


Picture 4: A walk through the old town


Picture 5: The presidential palace


Picture 6: Saint Stanislaus Cathedral


Picture 7: Saint Stanislaus Cathedral


Picture 8: University, St. John's Church and church tower


Picture 9: The steeple of the St. Johanniskirche



Videos: Elevator and Foucault's pendulum in the steeple of St. John's Church