Unden andd Tiveden

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Sun, 06/19/2022 - 13:36
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Hamgården Nature Resort is located right by Lake Unden near Gårdsjö (Örebro). The Swedish Tiveden National Park is only 10 kilometers away from here and we planned hikes in this forest landscape with a wilderness character. Since the park is not overcrowded, with a bit of luck you can photograph animals such as grouse during courtship. However, we had to be content with pochards and tufted ducks.

The well-marked hiking trails can be accessed from various points, where you can occasionally meet game wardens who will give you comprehensive tips on the hikes. At the start you can get good information about the length of the chosen hike, but you shouldn't be fooled by the occasionally small length information - here 5 kilometers can become a day trip.

The good markings help perfectly over stick, rock and stone and occasionally the paths are so primitive that the sudden appearance of bears, lynxes and mooses would hardly come as a surprise.

This national park offers a fantastic potpourri of winding paths, mighty rock formations, mysterious forests and light and gloomy ponds and lakes. It also offers itself as the perfect stage for the Nordic world of legends and fairy tales. For example, you can hike the "Lilla Trollkyrkan" (Small Troll Church) in the "Trollkyrkobergen" (Troll Church Mountains). Of course, this rock formation on the northern side of Lake Vättern must be a troll's church - after all, no people lived here in the Middle Ages and what else could it have been ... said the fishermen, of whom only the bravest dared, here to go ashore;-)

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Picture 1: Sunset at Unden lake near Gårdsjö (Örebro)


Picture 2: Through the wilderness of Tiveden National Park over mighty rocks and through narrow gorges.


Picture 3: Large lakes and small ponds line the winding paths through Tiveden National Park.


Picture 4: And after short breaks at the lake, we continue into the impressive rock formations of the Tiveden National Park.