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Newgrange (Irish: Sí an Bhrú) is the present name of a Neolithic passage grave on the River Boyne in County Meath, Ireland. The complex was built around 3150 BC. and is considered one of the most important megalithic complexes in the world. The complex has a diameter of 90 meters and in its center is the burial chamber, which can be reached through a narrow passage from the entrance.

The corridor is narrow, the opening is narrow and yet the builders managed to construct an astronomical specialty around 5000 years ago: at the winter solstice on December 21st, when the sun appears on the horizon, it sends its first rays of light right through the small one opening and further into the burial chamber in the middle of the mound. This spectacular event can be witnessed by a few visitors and you can take part in a lottery on site to get one of the coveted standing places in the corridor leading up to the burial chamber, where the rays of the rising sun pass before finally illuminating the burial chamber for a brief moment.

We took part in the lottery - unfortunately without success. But maybe it will work out in the years to come. The attached video shows a recording of this event from 2017.

We found the listing of the rules of conduct for visitors to Newgrange and their pictorial representations amusing. Interesting how the individual countries and their inhabitants are seen :-).

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Continent or ocean


Picture 1: Karin is looking for Newgrange


Picture 2: Newgrange


Picture 3: The passage to the burial chamber inside the hill.


Picture 4: The river Boyne


Picture 5: County Meath


Pictrure 6: Rules for touring Newgrange in multiple languages and renderings