The Tartu Tower of Pisa

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At first glance, Tartu in Estonia only appears as a small, insignificant point on the map, but on closer inspection, the city turns out to be a cornucopia of impressive cultural and architectural features. There is the "Tartu Tower of Pisa", the "Leaning House" at Rathausplatz 18, half of which was built in 1793 on the medieval city wall. The other side of the house is, however - like all other houses in the old town - supported by posts in the peat floor. On this side, the house subsides more and more over time as the water table of the Emajõgi, the longest river in Estonia, sinks.

The fountain sculpture "Kissing Students" by the sculptor Mati Karmin stands in front of the interesting town hall. It was built in 1998 and has been surrounded by tiles from the twin cities of Tartu since 2006.

The Tartu Cathedral is one of the landmarks of Tartu (German Dorpat). The building now resides as an imposing ruin above the city.

During a visit to the cathedral, you will pass another Tartu landmark: the Angel's Bridge from 1838. On it you will find the inscription: Otivum Reficit Vires (relaxation gives you new strength). A good motto for Toompea, where parks invite you to relax.

The Devil's Bridge, a concrete bridge from 1913, should not be missing from an Angel's Bridge. Its name may have been derived from the name of the then site manager, Werner Zoege von Manteuffel.

The University of Tartu has existed for over 375 years and was initiated as the "Academia Gustaviana" by the advisor to the Swedish royal family, Johan Skytte. Skytte was their first chancellor. If you would like to study here, you are sure to find something suitable on this list of faculties:

The faculties of the University of Tartu
The faculties of the University of Tartu


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Picture 1: Around Tartu Town Hall Square


Picture 2: The Dom Cathedral of Tartu


Picture 3: Johan Skytte - founder of the University of Tartu


Picture 4: The University of Tartu


Picture 5: The Tartu Observatory


Picture 6: The old "anatomical theater"


Picture 7: Landmark of Tartu: The Angel's Bridge


Picture 8: Landmark of Tartu: The Angel's Bridge


Picture 9: Landmark of Tartu: The Devil's Bridge