The cormorant fishermen on the Li River

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 14:52
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Guilin is located in southeast China on the banks of the Li River (Li Jiang). The name Guilin can be translated as "city of the smelled flower forest" and probably describes the many Osmanthus trees in the city area.

As in Shilin, the 200-million-year-old karst landscape in the area is impressive, although it has not developed into a pointed stone forest but into gently overgrown hills. These hills surround the city and the beautiful Li River, where you can take boat trips along the impressive hill formations. The boats are designed to maneuver well in the low water level of the Li River.

During the boat trip you can also see the cormorant fishermen who used the birds for fishing. The trained birds wear tight collars when fishing so that they catch the fish but are unable to swallow them. So they bring them to their fisherman, who then feeds them with parts of their catch when the work is done.

There are several attractions in the city. We also visited the so-called "Reed Flute Cave" in the "Mountain of Light" northwest of the city. Here it goes around 500 meters through many stalactites and stalagmites. The grotto called "Crystal Palace of the Dragon King" offers space for around 1000 people.

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Picture 1: The karst landscapes on the Li River near Guilin


Bild 2:Cormorant fishermen on the Li River


Picture 3: Boat at Guilin


Picture 4: Boats at Guilin


Picture 5: The city of Guilin between the karst mountains


Picture 6: Reed Flute Cave in the "Mountain of Light" near Guilin