At Lake Inarijärvi

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Fri, 06/24/2022 - 14:43

Finland is known for its many lakes - and the extraordinary nature of this landscape becomes particularly apparent when you drive a longer distance north through this wild lake landscape. On the way to the Norwegian border, we passed a wide variety of bodies of water almost constantly: torrents and small streams that slowly fought their way through the wintry ice. And of course small lakes, large lakes, ice-covered lakes, waterfalls and and and.

This diverse landscape leaves wonderful lasting memories.


Arctic Circle in Finland

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Wed, 06/22/2022 - 15:36

Lake Norvajärvi is located in the Arctic Circle in Finland. We had rented a cabin here which was out of the way so upon arrival we were greeted straight away by reindeer and a man on a dog sled.

The lake offers spectacular views in the changing light conditions of May. And on the still frozen lake you can see skiers and ice fishermen.

During an endurance run I met one of these fishermen on the lake, who told me interesting things about the area in broken English.

The lake is close to Rovaniemi and its famous Christmas Village in the Arctic Circle.