Primeval Forest

Quetzal - bird of the gods

The Quetzal belongs to the genus of trogons, of which we were able to photograph yet another species, the mountain trogon, in Panama. The birds are very colorful and the Quetzal has two other features that make it appear exceptional. Firstly, it has very long tail feathers. These made him a popular hunting object of the pre-Columbian cultures, the priests of which decorated their headdresses with their magnificent feathers.


Białowieża: The last free bisons

The history of the Białowieża Forest (Polish: Puszcza Białowieska) dates back to the 8,000 BC, making it "the only surviving example of the original forests that once covered almost all of Europe", as stated in the substantiation for the status as UNESCO World Heritage. The Puszcza Białowieska National Park is one of the oldest in Europe and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.