Mexican violetear

 (Colibri thalassinus)

The first newsletter

We will soon send the first newsletter, which can only be received as a registered community user. The picture shown here of a violet ear hummingbird was taken during a stay in Boquete, Panama. We will add a link to this photo in high quality and without identification to our first newsletter. Community users may use it free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

Violet ear hummingbirds in Boquete

The highlands of Boquete in Panama are of volcanic origin and reach heights of up to 3000 meters in the north and up to 800 meters in the south. The Quetzal Trail runs here and connects two parallel valleys in which Bajo Boquete and Cerro Punta are located. Not only the impressive Quetzales but also many other inhabitants of the cloud forest can be observed on the hike on the trail. However, there are also many hikers out here who may scare away the shy animals and who want to hear the angelic singing of the Quetzales should also be in place before sunrise.