The travel diary

The idea of using a travel diary was brought to me by a German tourist, whom we met in Singapore in a restaurant. When the waiter brought the bill, she took a booklet and a glue stick out of her pocket, pasted the bill in and added a short note. Super, I thought, because at home often questions are asked like: What was the address, how expensive was it, when did you get there, what's the name of the restaurant ....

Especially important is a travel diary in countries where you can not read the font i.e., China, Japan, Thailand, Korea ... Here tickets, bills, brochures accumulate,  you can often not assign after a short period of time.

The Travel Diary is also the perfect way to collect, documents and create a unique souvenir.

In the course of time, I have accumulated a whole series of Travel Diaries.

Meine Reistagebücher

There are not many things needed to keep a travel journal. My equipment consists of:

  •      Booklet, notebook etc.
  •      Pen or pencil
  •      Eraser
  •      Pencil Sharpener
  •      Glue stick


Best of all, pads with a rubber band and a folded compartment on the last page have proven their worth.

Klade mit Fach

There was no such thing to buy at the beginning of our travels, but the glue stick can be used to quickly make a tray by yourself.

Selbstgeklebte Fach

Useful for all the little notes that you do not want to stick.

My Travel Diaries are not just on shelf. I pick them up every now and then, read where we were and am happy about the many small memorabilia I have glued.


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