I can see what you can not see....

Submitted by Harald on Sun, 10/20/2019 - 09:22

... and that's art!

When exactly does a picture become a work of art? If it finds a viewer?
Does art have to be explained? Is art goods or decoration?
Are we ready to pick up the mood, the vibrations of a work of art?
Can art be salutary when viewed?
Is there art without a creative process?

Harald Kühn, Landhaus Licherode, "Life is Art"

Work of Art : "Froschkönig on the way to the lake"
Acrylic on cardboard, framed, 25x25, 1990

Current: This work of art is now offered in digital form on the NFT marketplace "mintable" as the first NFT by Harald Kühn. This link leads directly to the NFT: Frog on the way to the swimming pond



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Continent or ocean