Startrails over an industrial chimney

Submitted by Jürgen Tenckhoff on Thu, 04/02/2020 - 18:00

Finally a starry night with a cloudless sky.Freezing temperatures were also to be expected at night and they promised less haze. The ideal prerequisites for finally depicting the industrial chimney in Buchholz-Krautscheid as a star trail. This chimney stands for around 115 years of battery recycling and is therefore a local symbol of international industrial history. The company based here has obviously successfully developed its core business over many years - even if the owner and thus the name changed more frequently. Today Clarios Recycling GmbH operates here as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Canadian company Brookfield.

As expected, the shooting conditions were good and the headlights of many vehicles could be hidden from the image area on the astonishingly busy road between the camera and the subject. Some, however, did not and therefore the exposure time for each picture was rather short, to keep the gaps in the star trails narrow due to unusable pictures. The whole action lasted about four hours, after which there were around 400 pictures in the box.

The strategy was successful and the position lights of flying planes and shooting stars were removed using image processing software.

Finally, 230 lightframes and 86 darkframes were available as source material, which this time were combined in the StarStax Verson 0.72 program to create a beautiful star trail recording.

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Continent or ocean
Picture 1: Startrails over an industrial chimney