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The Kuna - indigenous people in Panama

About 30,000 Kuna, which call themselves Dule (translated: human), live in San Blas, an approximately 200 km long coastal strip along the northeastern Atlantic coast of Panama with its offshore islands up to the Colombian border. You can reach the islands by boat and you will find well-kept huts as accommodations with these friendly people.The Kuna are known for their traditional dances, which we wanted to include in this project. In addition, with years of resistance to Panama's integration efforts, the Kuna have managed to anchor their rights to independence in the Panama Constitution, which has contributed to the high authenticity of today's Kuna. The Panama Constitution guarantees Kuna rights and territorial rights - but they have had to fight hard for their autonomy today.

Cologne Cathedral at the blue hour

Cologne Cathedral at the blue hour - the classic photo motif that is often taken by photographers from the Rhineland. The location at the Hohenzoller Bridge with the optimal perspective is well attended at the blue hour and you have to be there some time in advance to get a good location for your tripod. Several videos on YouTube provide information and also explain corresponding optimal camera settings from the perspective of the respective authors.